What is a fitting model

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What is a fitting model?

The best way to describe a ‘fitting model’ is a live mannequin. Also referred to as “Fit Model” “Showroom Model”.   Clothing brands and high street fashion houses will from time to time need to use a fitting model or fit model or showroom model when they are designing and creating their ranges. Clients also look to use E-commerce Photographic Models to advertise there clothing on website. In 1999 Artimis Models found a gap in the market and was one of the first specialist agencies to be created especially to supply the technical side of the fashion Industry. Each clothes brand and fashion house have specific sizes that they prefer to base their clothing samples on. For example a brand may supply sizes 6 – 26 across their female range but will have their samples made to fit a size 12 & 20, therefore they will need a fitting model or models to fit their clothing sample sizes.

Do I need to be a certain height or size?

Yes, you will need to be the same height and measurements required by each individual company. Companies sizes are based on specific measurements and can vary from brand to brand and target customer range. They may require Petite, Standard or Tan Heights.


  • bust girth
  • under bust
  • preferred bra cup/size
  • Waist
  • top hip
  • bottom hip (or widest point)
  • nape to waist
  • nape to bust
  • thigh
  • bicep
  • height


  • collar
  • chest
  • waist
  • seat
  • thigh
  • bicep
  • Height

You may have noticed that you wear a different size dependant on the brand or company? You may be a size 10 with one company or a 12 with another or a medium with one and a large with another, this is due to each company having their own specific measurements or grading per size. We are asked to supply models of different sizes and heights i.e. petite, tall and standard ranges. e.g. Female sizes 6 – 26 and for Males Small to XXL. The majority being of standard Height for women 5’5- 5’7.5 and men 5’10-6′

Do I need experience or qualifications as I haven’t modelled before?

No experience or qualifications are required, just a friendly personality.

How do I apply to be a fitting model?

Contact the agency by e-mail. We will need from you two pictures; 1 headshot and 1 full length picture, these do not need to be professional but must be no more than 2 months old, clear and show just you. We will also need some measurements from you. You can download a male or female measure sheet from our website detailing what measurements and information we need from you initially. All this information must be supplied to receive a response from us. We recommend that you use our measuring guide to ensure you measurements are accurate and taken correctly. From past experience we have found that people taking their own measurements are not as accurate as those taken by another person so PHONE A FRIEND!!

What happens next?

If we feel that you may be suitable for clients we will contact you to come in and meet us to be measured properly and discuss with you full details as to how we can represent you as a fitting model. Should you decide that you want the Agency to represent you in this field; your details will be entered onto our fittings database and cross matched with our many different clients requirements. If your measurements match our client’s requirements, we will contact you to check availability and organise a meeting with the client to see if you are suitable for them. If you don’t hear from us don’t panic, your details will be kept on file and checked against any new enquiries.

What are the hours?

Assignments can vary from a minimum of 2 hours to a full day (up to 8 hours) this could be for occasional or regular ongoing bookings. These may also be used to provide cover for maternity, sick or holiday. We look forward to receiving your details. If you have any further questions please contact us. Good Luck!

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